Introverts and Extroverts

BB of BBsezmmore has been posting on relationships between introverts and extroverts. As an introvert my nature, sometimes extrovert by training, I can identify a little with each side. She says everything that needs to be said, but here are a few addenda.

1. While introverts not particularly eager to make small talk under any circumstances, they are particularly reluctant to do so around strangers. In a large group of friends who’ve known each other for years, an introvert will be able to find conversation; in a similar group of near strangers an introvert will probably remain silent unless prompted.

2. Context matters. Many introverts can talk at great length about topics that interest them. If you go to any kind of geek festival, you’ll see groups of people who normally act introverted talking up a storm. A group organized around some topic, purpose, or task is more likely to draw out an introvert than one based on casual socializing.

3. Small talk can be learned. I’ll never be a social butterfly, but I’m a lot more comfortable chatting with strangers than I once was. Learning to run your mouth is an essential part of meeting and dating girls today. This holds most strongly when people are mostly strangers and are highly mobile, i.e. for young urbanites.


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One Response to Introverts and Extroverts

  1. Bb says:

    Great to hear your added views on introverts. Thanks for the link love and welcome aboard. Looking forward to more postings from you.

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