What Price Game?

Manosphere Nietzschean dangerandplay points out that shame and decency are counterproductive in our narcissistic and socially atomized urban culture. He’s right. Before I learned about game and started thinking through how social relations really work today, I was a far more scrupulous, thoughtful, and considerate man than I am now, at least where strangers are concerned. I worried a great deal about moral niceties that could never have any impact on my life. Now, only rarely.

The Badger Hut describes the situation today as offering men two doors to choose between:

DOOR #1: Trade innumerable emails (or get set up by friends), have the awkward “I didn’t expect her voice to sound like that” introductory phone call, take the initiative to set up a date doing something you hope she might enjoy, go on the actual date (hope she doesn’t flake), talk to her, try to figure out what she’s like and whether you’d be interested in a long-term partnership (and oh by the way pick up the bill with no expectation of her investment), and hope you don’t slip up and say something she’ll sneer at and have to start all over with somebody else…

DOOR #2: Pursue a pump-and-dump lifestyle. Go hard into PUA game praxis, building a toolbox of seductive skills in accordance with your God-given personality while you emotionally firewall yourself from the betatizing effects of romance. Pluses of this strategy:

Within five minutes, you’ll know if she has rejected you out of hand.

Within thirty minutes you’ll have a pretty good idea if she finds you attractive.

Within two or three meetings (Mystery posits a seven-hour acculturation period) she’ll sleep with you, if she’s going to sleep with you at all.

Rinse and repeat…

Why should men preserve any of the moral scruples we have inherited from our civilization, when we see that they don’t directly benefit our lives? If we are merely isolated individuals, there’s no reason we should. On the other hand, experience has shown that when we all hold them, civilization advances, and when we discard them, it stagnates.

Men built civilization in no small measure for the sake of women. Today, women ask us to tear it down, and we – yes, even the alphas – are obliging their request. Still, ladies, we’d like to ask you – are you sure you’ve thought this through?


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