Defining the Blog

Who am I, and why am I writing? Why does the world need another manosphere blog. I’ll answer tersely – I’m not interested in being a character, just an archetype.

Game helped me transform my life with women. The usual beta to alpha journey – not nutless-wuss-beta, simply lacks-understanding-of-how-to-socialize-with-women beta. I was always self confident / arrogant in my areas of interest, but grew up with terribly misguided ideas on women. As for my station in life, I’ll simply say that my eponym, the hero of Lermontov’s novel, is a man of twenty-five.

There’s been a lot written about game, and there’s not that much I can add, but my spare thoughts on applying game may be useful in promulgating and implementing the knowledge that’s already out there. Even when the main ideas of a subject have been set out, it takes a lot of writers to disseminate them, to work out difficulties, and to arrive at a synthesis.

Beyond the technical game aspect, in the broader realm of applied game, one important niche is being filled by the relationship and marriage game guys. That’s not me yet. My modest contribution is likely to be about the relation of game to other subjects. In particular I want to write about the effect of game on a man’s life and its relation to his other goals and plans.

Besides, I need the practice writing. I haven’t done any non-technical writing since college, and I can feel my verbal skills atrophying.


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A Hero of Our Time
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