Youth, Beauty, and Marriage: Hans Baldung Versus Modern Culture

Women are at their most attractive when young – this is known to everyone with common sense, except the industry designed around misleading women. Yet truths are not automatically translated into action, and most women today aren’t seriously looking for marriage while they’re at their most attractive (i.e. during college and the years immediately after). People don’t easily act in accordance with what they know to be true. Repetition helps to drive the point home, but ultimately it takes a culture that reinforces the truth. Today we have the opposite of that.

Imagine if instead of TV shows like Sex and the City and books like Eat Pray Love, we had paintings like these on billboards around the country, reminding women that youth is short. (All three paintings are by Hans Baldung.)

What does it say about our society that we can’t collectively accept the facts of the human condition? It’s easy to say that it’s from feminism run awry, but there’s clearly more than that going on. I suppose slacker films are the equivalent for men. Somewhere, in the aftermath of the cultural revolution of the 1960s, we lost the ability as a society to face reality.

If we want to fix this, somehow we need to remind women that spiritual love grows out of love of beauty. How to do that, god only knows.


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2 Responses to Youth, Beauty, and Marriage: Hans Baldung Versus Modern Culture

  1. outofsleep says:

    Wow I’ve never seen these paintings before. Thanks for sharing them. The last one is particularly affecting.

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