Ideology at the LSE

There’s nothing like feminist idiocy to get you to the front page of google news, as radical ideologues defend themselves against a man suing over discrimination:

Feminism makes some men very scared, others very angry. Tom Martin, who is taking legal action against the London School of Economics, risks being seen as falling into both of these categories.

Feminists will never tire or asserting that men are afraid of them. What is Mr. Martin’s complaint, anyway?

Martin alleges that the course material he studied during his six weeks at the LSE was systematically anti-male overlooked men’s issues, and ignored any research that contested a “women good, men bad” line of reasoning. Furthermore, Martin claims that the Gender Institute drummed into the students, with quasi-religious fervour, a simplistic view of women as victims and men as perpetrators.

Sounds about right. The author of the editorial wants to defend gender studies. Who is he?

Although I don’t know the specifics of Martin’s experience, I am a male academic active in gender studies, and was a researcher at the very institution that Martin is suing.

“I have a vested interest and don’t know anything about the case, but that won’t stop me from running my mouth.”

Don’t worry, though. Everyone’s welcome in gender studies, from manginas to trans-sexuals:

gender studies courses are extremely friendly and supportive environments. In contrast to the stuffiness and conformity of many academic settings, gender studies students and scholars are tolerant, friendly, and enlightened in their attitudes to race, sexual orientation and transsexuality. Gender studies is invariably more sociable than other academic settings, and all kinds of people are welcome, so long as you are willing to engage with people and ideas in a considered and respectful manner.

Heh. You mean, gender studies has no academic standards and welcomes anyone who will uphold its creed. Unlike all those science departments that won’t accept gay students.

The comments on the article are overwhelmingly anti-feminist. Even readers of the guardian have figured out what’s up. Feminism is dead, and though its death throes will take decades, remaking relations between the sexes is possible.


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One Response to Ideology at the LSE

  1. Tom Martin says:

    Tom Martin here, the guy suing LSE. Please go to the fighting fund website: sexismbusters dot org. There are links to all the main articles, along with my contact details.

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