Why Are Old Coffee Ads Smarter Than Modern Culture?

Frost has a great post up on and inner game of men in “sexist” coffee commercials. The fact is, our culture used to have a kind of realism about men and women that we’ve lost today. We tend to be too worried about what we’re “allowed” to say to have the free ranging discussions that kill bad ideas.

Take this commercial. A lowly commercial – the lowest form of expression – had this advice to offer women: “In real life, a girl has to work at living happily ever after. So first off our heroine decided to stay beautiful, slim, and attractive. So she went for long walks.”

That’s more maturity in a commercial than you can find in most young women today. What the hell went wrong? Why are such easy truths almost off limits in mainstream culture? Our problems aren’t the result of a “tragedy” or an act of god – they aren’t inexplicable and natural. They’re the result of intentional human actions and purposeful ideological movements. Fixing your personal life with game is rewarding, but if we want to fix our culture (rather than nihilistically enjoy the decline) we need to understand how we got where we are today.


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One Response to Why Are Old Coffee Ads Smarter Than Modern Culture?

  1. Frost says:

    Thanks for the linkage. Funny, and sad, how our culture completely shuns the idea of female self-improvement, as if there’s something wrong with trying to be a better, more attractive woman.

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