A Hero of Our Time, part 7: Pechorin Gets Sentimental

“Yes, I’ve already passed that period of spiritual life when people seek happiness alone and when the heart feels the need to love someone passionately. Now I only want to be loved, and then only by the very few. As a matter of fact, I believe one constant attachment would be enough for me–a sentimental fashion only to be pitied!

It has always struck me as odd that I had never become the slave of the woman I loved. On the contrary, I’ve always acquired an invincible sway over their will and heart, without any effort on my part. Why is that? Was it because I’ve never particularly treasured anything and they’ve been afraid to let me slip out of their hands for a moment? Or was it the magnetic appeal of a strong personality? Or simply because I’ve never met a woman with enough strength of character?

I must admit that I don’t care for women with a mind of their own–it doesn’t suit them!
Though I recall now that once, but only once, I loved a woman with a strong will, whom I never could conquer . . . We separated enemies, yet had I met her five years later the parting might have been quite different . . .”


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A Hero of Our Time
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