The Return

Regards to my readers. I’ve been running prescheduled articles for the last few weeks, as I haven’t had the time to write anything. While I was ignoring the blog, Mangan’s sent a huge (by my standards) wave of traffic to me through a link in his comments. My belated but sincere thanks to the reader who thought it worth his time to pass on my thoughts.

While I was away, two bloggers added to my little pile of comments. Unamused sent a bleat of despair. As his blog appears to emphasize white racial solidarity, would it be too much for him to develop some solidarity by giving a fellow white man a link? Do I have to join the “race realist” club? I’m perfectly aware of the facts concerning black violent crime (as a resident of one of our vibrant cities, I once had the displeasure of being on the receiving end of it), and that socioeconomic factors do not suffice explain blacks’ lower IQ scores. Do I get a race realist badge?

Out of Sleep remarked on some paintings I posted. Unfortunately, I really don’t know anything about art history, so I’m unable to identify the painting which appears at the top of his blog. Is it pre-Raphaelite?

Out of Sleep has just posted a hypothetical discussion in which he first argues that a consistent hedonist must act with care and moderation (so he will become some sort of Epicurean), but appears to plan on frying bigger fish when he follows up with a continuation. Count me as interested.


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2 Responses to The Return

  1. outofsleep says:

    Hi Pechorin. Pre-Raphaelite indeed! Here’s a brief explanation:

  2. Unamused says:

    Sorry to hear about your brush with diversity. In compensation, there is your link. Your badge is in the mail.

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