Schools of Game

The Game blogging world has really grown up over the last few years, and started to relate to related schools of thought. The history of game / PUA / whatever you want to call it (i.e. men thinking systematically about the practical art of attracting women) seems to have gone through three stages.

First there was the California school – Mystery, David Deangelo, and all the guys described in The Game. These guys could envision no greater dream than having sex with a stripper. Their spiritual poverty and nerdish social incompetence gave birth to a school of specialized thought – the engine of male driven progress – which grasped certain essential truths of female nature, and promulgated that understanding. They pioneered ideas about negs, teasing, kino, as well as ideas concerning status and approval seeking that underly a realistic analysis of female sexual behavior.

Their ideas were not truly new, of course. Men had known how to attract women for all of human history. But men’s were unconsciously competent with women. With feminism, male competence with women disappeared, as a generation of men found sexual success through appeasing feminist sensibilities during the sexual revolution, and then inculcated their sons with counterproductive feminist dogmas, just as their sons were being brainwashed by feminist schools. The disorder in the sexual marketplace arising from the destruction of mens’ unconscious competence with women created the intellectual ferment that gave us modern game. Men today are slowly becoming consciously competent with women.

The California school of game suffered serious weaknesses. It lacked a broader vision of life, it was overly focused on hyperactive club game directed at club sluts. Nevertheless, it gave us concepts that can be applied to all girls. It also gave us another thing: a harsh empirical approach, where men collapsed their illusions about women and analyzed them based on their behavior.

The California school collapsed in overcommercialism, as everyone and his brother tried to make an easy buck selling trashy pickup material, but from it was born a greater conversation among men about women in the modern world. Men applied the ideas in a variety of environments and found what worked. A second generation produced a less conceptual, more practical, more diverse form of game. This played out on blogs – Roissy being the most prominent, and in books like Roosh’s that present the essential truths of game without all the nerdish trappings.

The third generation provides synthesis, promulgation, applications to specific circumstances, and pervasiveness. The sphere of game broadened as game literate men took on the new problems involved in relationships – I’m thinking of guys like Athol Kay and Hawaiian Libertarian. There are also more guys who care about civilization in more then a Roissyesque sit-by-the-pool-while-the-West-burns way. Although having a broader focus is dangerous, as breadth without technical competence with women does little good (the total failure of the fuzzy inner game focus that’s now promoted in some PUA circles shows this very clearly), the modern trend in the gameosphere should render it more appealing to typical men, who don’t fit either the sex starved nerd goes to the club model, or the crazy player juggles dozens of hot babes model.

It’s a good time to be here. Things are looking up.


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One Response to Schools of Game

  1. bgc says:

    I’m afraid you are utterly deluded: ‘game’ is fundamentally about seduction, about manipulation; not about ‘attracting women’ – it is exploitative, it is based on hatred. It is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    Can you imagine any person worthy of respect (Fr Seraphim Rose, C.S Lewis, JRR Tolkien, GK Chesterton…) advocating ‘game’? The very idea is ridiculous!

    The fact that there is ‘some good’ in ‘game’ is exactly what makes it dangerous – all really dangerous evil things have some good in them (Nazism, Communism etc) – all dangerous evil mimics the good (that is the definition of Antichrist – a fake Christ).

    Game must be rejected with horror, or repented with sincere desire to reform.

    No other alternative.

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