Visual Display of Quantitative Information: Racial Demographics

Eric Fischer’s racial demographic maps, derived from census data, are a great data visualization for anyone interested in race in America. For instance, here is the map of Chicago. Red dots are whites, blue dots are blacks, green dots are asians, and yellow dots are hispanics.

Here’s New York:

Los Angeles:

And Detroit:

There are many more. You can draw lots of generalizations just by looking at a sampling of these pictures. For instance, you regularly see a fair number of whites mixed in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood, but you rarely see the same in a black neighborhood. No prize for guessing why.


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3 Responses to Visual Display of Quantitative Information: Racial Demographics

  1. uh says:

    In this day and age …

    I really enjoy your blog, Pechorin, but I didn’t know you judge people by the color of their skin! What’s next, the JEWS own Hollywood?

    You’re disgusting and I hope you enjoy smearing peanut butter all over yourself in your mother’s basement while you plot to murdersixmillionjews!!

  2. todd says:

    I think we should take this fellow above me out of his gated community and throw him in a predominately black one. Nice blog, i’m a big fan of Mikhail Lermontov myself

  3. Joel Deepak says:

    Its really nice post .Thanks for sharing your valuable information with us…Visual Display.

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