A Hero of Our Time: Introduction

In my Hero of Our Time series, I gathered together a collection of reflections from and on Lermontov’s novel from which I take my eponym. The theme, which had impelled me to enter the already saturated game blogospere, was the impact of game on one’s life more broadly considered, and the problems it introduces, problems characteristic of our age, but as we see, not only of our age.

Here’s the whole series:

The Wandering Man

Pechorin Reveals the Nature of Women

Game Advice For 19th Century Russia

Pechorin Pulls a Robbery

Pechorin’s Operation Continues

Pechorin Describes What Red Pill Overdose Has Done To His Soul

Red Pill Overdose, part 2

Pechorin Gets Sentimental

The Fear of Being Ridiculous

The Infirmity of the Will and the Inability to Make Momentous Decisions

The Sense of Ultimate Futility

How Nihilists Remake Their Ambitions, or, What Comfort Can Be Provided By Game

What a Woman Sees in Pechorin

How Pechorin Treats a Woman

In What Spirit Pechorin Faces Death

What To Do With A Muslim Girl You’ve Kidnapped

How Society Creates Its Pechorins

In What Mode the News of Pechorin’s Death Was Received


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A Hero of Our Time
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