New Addition to Blogroll

New addition to blogroll:
Curmudgeon Loner Complementarian Lonerswho has just made an interesting argument that abortion leads to divorce.

Word frequency data doesn’t touch causal linkage, of course, but hey, data is fascinating. (Data from google ngrams. This is frequency of usage of the word, not frequency of the thing itself.)


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2 Responses to New Addition to Blogroll

  1. CL says:

    Thanks for the link. Interesting data.

    [The blog is called Complementarian Loners (changed the name a while back after it became a co-authored blog. Bit of a mouthful, we know). Feel free to delete this part of the comment.]

  2. 7man says:

    Thanks for the adding us to the blog roll. Although the url is different, when CL & I teamed up, we changed the blog name to Complementarian Loners.

    That is an interesting chart which shows a strong correlation. Of course that does not mean causation. My post was on the emotional dynamics that I have observed and a rationale for why things can get so unbelievably nasty in Christian divorces. Ofen the accusations and projections by Christian women are really all out of proportion to the facts. The facts may actually negate the allegations, yet the exaggeration and demonization of the man is often more extreme than among secular people. When an emotional “victim” Christian woman accuses a man of moral fault, there is virtually no way for him to defend himself.

    I also wonder if there is a correlation between Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and women who have had abortions. I suspect that an abortion can cause a woman with such genetic or other predisposition to develop worse BPD behavior. There are plenty of BPD women around and it seems that few, in any, are “healed” or treated. The promise of forgiveness and compassion may draw BPD women to the church, as long as it is all compassion and the hard teachings are not emphasized. Men more apt to be NPD and it seems that those men are not typically drawn to the the church.

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