Feminism: Merely Institutional

Google Ngrams measures the frequency of the usage of words and phrases over time in a large corpus of digitized and OCR’d books. Here’s what it says of feminism:

I have always made only one prayer to God. “Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.” God has granted it.

Feminism is dead; Feminists today are confused and disoriented. Their vision of progress has dissolved. Feminist activists today can only concern themselves with absurdities such as gender neutral bathrooms.

Yet feminism lives on. Revolutionary feminism, based in appealing to the misguided masses, today lives only posthumously, dusting its dirty closet (revolutionary feminism is a poor housekeeper) in hope of uncovering an issue that someone – someone – will care about. But institutional feminism lives on, with a power base in schools, universities, government agencies, and the UN. Feminism today draws its power not from popular support, but from institutional power. It has inertia more than it is capable of producing force. Consequently, institutionally powerless feminist activists are a distraction. They are useful only if they can be used to show others how irrational the feminist project is.

The institutional power of feminism is formidable, but we will approach it with better spirit if we stop for a minute to remember just how completely revolutionary feminism has failed. As the data from Google Ngrams shows, feminism fell into irreversible decline in the late 1990s.

This shift shows that the unconscious, non-self-aware forces beneath society have already realized that things have gone terribly wrong, It remains for us to spread conscious awareness, and to design solutions.


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4 Responses to Feminism: Merely Institutional

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  2. Will S. says:

    An encouraging sign, but might part of the reason for the word’s decline, be its total victory, not only institutional, but also in the hearts and minds, of the populace of the West? Many young women today say, “I’m not a feminist, but of course, I believe in equality; and that we still have a long way to go, what with the glass ceiling, etc.” So even if they’re eschewing the term, they’ve embraced the ideas…

    I’m not ready to celebrate, till that line flattens right out again, down at zero, as before 1895.

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