Ngramology: Marginal Sexualities

With the death of popular feminism dies the obsessive feminist interest in normalizing the abnormal and decentering the center. You might call this the death of Foucault’s modern “multiplication of discourses” on sexuality.








Drag Queen:



Gender Bending:

But the latest term of art is still going strong (as of 2008):

Update: CandideIII has pointed out that “transgender” is also in decline – which was hidden by the smoothing in the image posted. Unsmoothed data is here.


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4 Responses to Ngramology: Marginal Sexualities

  1. Nestorius says:

    It seems that the ways of nature will dominate at the end.

  2. Alpha says:

    @Nestorius – People assume that we’ve been on this rock for 4 billion years, and we’ve only ever tried man+woman+4kids=family?

    Four billion years.

    We’ve tried everything you can imagine. Maybe the reason we’ve been so stuck on ‘tradition’ for so long is because we’ve found out, via collective experience, that the other shit just doesn’t work.

    I’m amazed, constantly, that I am the only person who has thought of this. I may write a book on it.

  3. Candide III says:

    After 2006 ‘transgender’ has declined precipitiously, too. That plateau is a smoothing artifact. The reason for the decline may or may not be the financial crisis, but all of ‘finance’, ‘financial’, ‘crisis’, ‘financial crisis’, ‘recession’ and ‘depression’ (!) have declined as well.

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