Affirmative Action For Women Makes No Sense

Thanks to feminism, we currently have informal quotas for women’s jobs in prestigious positions. The NSF directs grant money towards universities that bring more women into STEM programs, even though this means eliminating better qualified men for less qualified women. There is strong pressure on universities to increase the number of women on their faculty. Many industries have programs to recruit women for management and executive positions – none have such programs specifically for men.

Favoritism for women has been around for some time, but now there is increasing talk of gender quotas:

What is the impact of this on marriage? Given how hostile feminists are to marriage and the family, we can’t expect it to be good. To put it in simple terms, men will marry women without jobs, but women won’t marry men without jobs. Men will marry women with lower status jobs – an executive will marry his secretary – but women won’t marry men with lower status jobs. Therefore any program of positive discrimination in favor of women is anti-marriage. Marriage oriented policy would dictate that we discriminate in favor of men, while fairness oriented policy would dictate that we not discriminate at all, but either way current policy is destructive.


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4 Responses to Affirmative Action For Women Makes No Sense

  1. Zorro says:

    Feminism is the worst of all social cancers.

  2. Why can’t we all just accept a meritocracy and get rid of quotas?

    That graph is disturbing.

  3. unnamed says:


    But Feminism, while cancer, is only one element under the political correctness umbrella.

  4. dicipres says:

    In addition, all the top universities (which are male dominated without external intervention) now enforce at least 50% women students by law, while no such action is given for men and while there are only 2 men for 3 women in all other colleges and universities.

    Feminism is not about equality. Feminism is, in practice, for eliminating any male domination area while keeping the female dominated areas, resulting is mass discrimination.

    Equality is discrimination.

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