Collected Posts on the decline of feminism and related cultural trends, as seen through Google Ngrams

Here is an index to my series of posts exploring trends in the use of language bearing some relation to the transition of feminism, during the mid to late 1990’s, from an advancing revolutionary movement to an established, institutional, and defensive power.

Feminism: Merely Institutional

Ngramology: Decline of Feminism

Ngramology: Resurgence of Sexual Distinction

Reply to some objections

Ngramology: Marriage

Ngramology: Marginal Sexualities

Ngramology: Rape Mania

Ngramology: Academic Fashion

Methodological Cautions for Ngrams

Ngramology: Two Types of Terms Conveying Manhood

Ngramology: Loneliness

Ngramology: Feminists

Ngramology: Commands and Absolutes

Ngramology: Guide to Dating a Feminist

Ngramology: Odds and Ends


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