The Saint Anthony Principle

All writers on game recognize that a man can’t make a woman the most important thing in his life. Sacrificing your greater purpose for women can lead to temporary success with women, because technical skills with women can be developed, and are effective, but to push too far in this direction is counterproductive. Making women a priority has rapidly diminishing returns, even when it comes to your success with women.

While sacrificing your greater purpose for women in general is bad, sacrificing it for one woman is worse. Women who discover that they have power over you lose respect for you. This doesn’t happen immediately, but unless you show some independence soon she’ll lose attraction – consider the example of Helen of Troy.

You should be like Saint Anthony, focused absolutely on his work despite the apocalyptic landscape around him in this engraving by Peter Brueghel.

Peter Brueghel's Temptation of Saint Anthony

Or as below – she-demons can’t distract Anthony. Being immune to women (without excessive indifference) is the best way to keep them interested, once attraction is there. (Being immune to women you don’t know yet gets you nowhere.)

engraving of The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Martin Schongauer

Latour's Temptation of Saint


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