Making Betas Through Bad Parenting

This graphic is a depressing illustration of how parenting practices have changed over the years, leading to the helicopter parenting of today. It’s easy to draw corollaries concerning the sexes today: less freedom and independence as a boy generally leads to less confidence as a man.


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4 Responses to Making Betas Through Bad Parenting

  1. Zorro says:

    Read No More Mr Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover. Beta Nice Guys are the direct result of Mom-in-your-face childhoods.

  2. Remnant says:

    Great grandpa was one of nine kids; grandpa was one of six; mom one of four; and current son an only child.

    There are other cultural dynamics at work in the presentation above, but pure demographics goes a long way towards explaining why parents have gotten more protective over time.

  3. Columnist says:

    Many people say even autism is created by helicopter parents.

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