On John Derbyshire

Two things:

1. John Derbyshire has written an article that has stirred up a lot of controversy, and caused the National Review to fire him. The facts that Derbyshire points out seem to be uncontested – namely, black people are, on average, more criminal and less intelligent than white people – or indeed than any other race. Derbyshire caused a fuss by advising people to stay away from events that attract a lot of black people. I personally do not follow Derbyshire’s advice, but I have to concede that it’s all sensible practical advice for reducing your exposure to violent crime. Since my own devil-may-care attitude to the risks posed by our darker brothers has caused me to fall prey to black crime on two occasions, and nearly done so a couple of other times, I’m acutely aware that the risks posed by blacks are very real. Worse, in following my example, a friend has suffered a serious assault at the hands of blacks, leading to extensive medical bills and permanent disability.

2. Feeling I had some responsibility to promulgate the truth, so that citizens could direct their actions in accordance with reason and truth, I tried to spread some facts on some of the media outlets covering the controversy over Mr. Derbyshire’s article. At the Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates removed my comment, blocked me from commenting, and then closed comments – all within minutes. I may be the last person on the interned to realise this, since I generally avoid the Atlantic (James Fallows is the only one of their writers who is occasionally interesting), but still it has to be said: Mr. Coates, your inability to engage in rational discourse with people who disagree with you marks you not only as a coward, but also as a deeply ignorant man. Surely a liberal should abide by John Stuart Mill’s dictum that he who knows only his side of an argument knows not even that.

Consequent to the above, in the interest of the promulgation of Truth, I will now be adding race to my list of topics here at Lermontov’s favorite blog.


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