On the Media’s Coverage of the Derbyshire Affair

Here’s a screenshot from the google news stories covering John Derbyshire’s firing.

Notice anything? Oh yes – a several year old photo of Treyvon Martin. What does he have to do with the story? Sure, he provided Derbyshire with a lede, but nothing more. Is this news or brainwashing?

In any case, if for some reason photos of Treyvon Martin need to be shown in a story about John Derbyshire’s firing, we should at least choose a recent photo. Here’s what Mr. Martin looked like more recently – in a picture of his own selection:


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3 Responses to On the Media’s Coverage of the Derbyshire Affair

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  2. thesharpeningstone says:

    Hey, thanks for the post. Any fuel we can add to the intellectual fire is good.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL You’re afraid of someone because they have gold teeth. [Fear doesn’t enter into it. Newspapers should use recent images. I’d settle for any recent image, gold teeth or not.]

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