The Direct Approach

My personal experience with the eternal question of direct versus indirect game:

I generally don’t get good results with direct game on cold approaches, especially during the day. Nor do I use full on direct game in my social circle – too much potential fallout. That said, there’s definitely a virtue to unfiltered, straight up masculinity. The trouble is that most interactions with women are so artificial in today’s atomized society, and many of the women have been jaded by too much experience. The one circumstance where I’ve gotten good results with a direct approach is with girls who already have a connection with me – e.g. at a house party, or through a female friend. When meeting such girls, just exuding a slow, confident, master-of-my-domain vibe turned up to 11 gets astonishingly good results. Under those circumstances, girls are completely taken, sometimes flustered, by textbook direct game lines. They seem drawn into a trance.

Some caveats: I’m dealing with an educated crown of women here. Most men they know have been unmanned by their “education,” and they’re starved for manliness. Contrast is key – I wouldn’t get good results with this method in competing with construction workers for working class girls.

The kind of presence I’m talking about comes across in posture. Some game guys advise an oblique posture for indirect game, and say you seem both less needy and less intimidating this way. That’s probably true in some environments, but it would be completely counterproductive here. You need to overwhelm the girl with the force of your presence. Direct game is always done head on.

Durer favours direct game

And so does Morette

But Balthazar Castiglione prefers to go indirect


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