More Race Baiting in the Times

The New York Times has a new piece trying to tap into the frenzy over the Treyvon Martin affair. This time, a pair of black men snuck into an elderly man’s house, smoked pot, had sex with his daughter and her 14 year old friend, and when he confronted him tried to shove him out of the way and run. In the struggle he shot and killed one of them.

Of course their mother says it’s racism:

“I definitely believe racism is why he was shot,” said Mrs. Patterson, who recently left her job as director of operations at a uniform company and moved to another small Georgia town. “And for him to get nothing but a slap on the wrist? There is something wrong here.”

The Times does everything it can to make the black men in question seem sympathetic. They profile the sorrowing mother and the grieving friends and brother. But they can’t avoid mentioning that they both of the intruders have daughters of their own. Tell me: if you have kids of your own, what are you doing in another man’s house smoking pot and fucking a 14 year old? And when the house’s owner catches you, why start a fight – especially when he has a gun?

If you do all that, maybe you deserve to get shot, and that has nothing to do with race.


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One Response to More Race Baiting in the Times

  1. Musashi says:

    There is nothing that will alter the fact that African and Eroupean are incompatible. It that’s the case, what are we doing living like this?

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