Milton on Complementarity

John Milton’s description of Adam and Eve in Eden is as concise a description of complementarity as one could ask.

Two of far nobler shape, erect and tall,
Godlike erect, with native honour clad
In naked majesty seemed lords of all:
And worthy seemed; for in their looks divine
The image of their glorious Maker shone,
Truth, wisdom, sanctitude severe and pure,
(Severe, but in true filial freedom placed,)
Whence true authority in men; though both
Not equal, as their sex not equal seemed;
For contemplation he and valour formed;
For softness she and sweet attractive grace;
He for God only, she for God in him.

Feminists will have to be careful with “sexism” like that on the loose in English departments! Thanks to the wonders of modern academia, my edition of Paradise Lost comes with an essay Female Autonomy in Milton’s Sexual Poetics which elucidates the dangers (to feminists) of Milton’s work. After all, Eve might have been a lesbian, forced into heterosexuality by the evil patriarchy and rape culture. The important thing to remember is that men are bad.


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