Women shouldn’t have the vote

As I’m informed it’sNational Offend a Feminist Week, I’d be derelict in my blogging duties if I didn’t take the opportunity to express a few thoughts.

Today’s sermon… er, blog post… takes its text – I mean.. – well anyway. Look at this video

The girl goes on TV to lecture people on how saying “illegal immigrant” is racist (WTF?!), and she hasn’t even figured out whether she approves of open borders. She whines about “dehumanizing” immmigrants, how illegal immigrants are parts of families and “deserve rights,” and how “our laws need to get modern” – but she has no idea what that means, or how to articulate it as a consistent rule-based policy, never mind what the implications of that policy might be.

While many women aren’t quite this stupid, this girl’s “thinking” is absolutely typical of feminine “thought.” The female mind is optimized to make the family work (which is, of course, a fantastically important role, and unfairly denigrated by feminists who only value “having a career”). She wants to “kiss it make it better” but has no conception of law, of logic, of consistency, of justice, or of long term thinking in general. What works for the family right now is completely different from what will work to build a state to endure for centuries. Women do the former, men do the latter.

Therefore women should not vote, as their nature causes them always to be voting for “some scheme apparently calculated to benefit the populace for the moment, but perfectly sure to ruin everyone at the end.” [Polybius] As Schopenhauer explained

It is because women’s reasoning powers are weaker that they show more sympathy for the unfortunate than men, and consequently take a kindlier interest in them. On the other hand, women are inferior to men in matters of justice, honesty, and conscientiousness. Again, because their reasoning faculty is weak, things clearly visible and real, and belonging to the present, exercise a power over them which is rarely counteracted by abstract thoughts, fixed maxims, or firm resolutions, in general, by regard for the past and future or by consideration for what is absent and remote.

Women’s inability to think about the logical implications of policies and in particular their future implications is mirrored by their incapacity to understand the past. A woman with a serious and broad knowledge of history (neither “colonial and post-colonial studies” nor a narrowly specialized academic history degree qualifies) is almost a miracle. As Cicero observed, those who are ignorant of history remain forever children. Why are we giving children a say in the governance of the country?


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2 Responses to Women shouldn’t have the vote

  1. zorroprimo says:

    Neither women nor squirrels should have the right to vote. And I love squirrels.

  2. sarah says:

    While I quite enjoyed your article on Feynman vs the feminists, I think it’s a bit far to say women shouldn’t vote. I understand some women take things too far (extreme feminists, ugh..) and there are airheads who have no inkling about politics. However, there are men these days who are just as much airheads, just as ignorant, and just as gullible. I very much want my own family one day, and I’m sorry some people have to separate their family when they immigrate/get deported, but I still feel strongly that illegal immigrants should be deported.

    [Of course lots of men are stupid, and some women are smart. This was of course a polemic designed to offend. But there is a deeper truth behind it. Women think differently from men. Their way of thinking is suitable for their ancestral environment – running the family, or associating with related females. It’s not suitable for the long term management of a nation.

    Here’s one example: women desire security more than men do. Therefore women vote for an expanded state. This state can take the place of a husband. Therefore the institution of marriage is destroyed. See F. Roger Devlin’s essay Home Economics.]

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