Memorial for Claudia

The following is an inscription from a humble Roman tomb of the second century before Christ.

Friend, I have not much to say; stop and read it. This tomb, which is not fair, is for a fair woman. Her parents gave her the name Claudia. She loved her husband in her heart. She bore two sons, one of whom she left on earth, the other beneath it. She was pleasant to talk with, and she walked with grace. She kept the house and worked in wool. That is all. You may go.

The modern bride might criticize Claudia for not being “self-actualized,” not getting that internship in social media on her resume or going to law school before “wasting” herself in motherhood. The passage of time reveals what is truly important, and what the correct place for women is. The modern careerist woman has nothing to write on her tombstone that can rival the power of these simple words, and has not taken a part in any man’s life that might inspire him to set down such a sincere and loving inscription.


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