Cambridge academic under fire for an excess of good sense

Mirabile dictu! A sensible man at Cambridge.

A Cambridge University academic came under pressure to resign last night after students protested that he operates a website that features Nazi imagery, describes female immigrants as “exotic fruit” and claims that black people are “impulsive”, with lower IQs than other races…

In one posting on his website, Mr Sewell presents a defence of eugenics – a school of pseudoscientific thought associated with the Nazis through their experiments to eliminate “undesirable” population groups.

He argues that while Hitler may have given eugenics “a bad name”, its modern objectives are “highly desirable”. He adds: “eugenics can help eliminate genetic diseases, reduce personality disorders and increase intelligence via human biotechnology. Time to reconsider.”

In another entry, Mr Sewell defines racism as “a perfectly natural in-group bias which has been stigmatised by the politically correct”. He also claims that black people are three times more likely to commit a crime than white citizens in both the US and the UK.

And he cites the reason for this as “blacks’ lower intelligence and greater impulsivity, which themselves are probably biological in origin”.

On the issue of immigration, Mr Sewell distinguishes between the reactions of men and women to immigrants of the opposite sex: “Men may appreciate the exotic fruit,” he says. But women, on the other hand, “are deeply suspicious of most men, foreign men in particular”.

A further causes of concern to the students’ union is a piece in the “Political Correctness” section. In a written response to a female academic’s lament about the glass ceiling in her chosen scientific discipline, anatomy, he wrote: “[My] article seeks to explain why men are better equipped than women to do science and engineering, and why there are more men than women in higher offices.”

So, in short, he’s well informed about the realities of race and sex, and thus unqualified for modern academia.


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