Anders Breivik

Counter-Currents has an English translation of Breivik’s closing statement from his trial. Repulsive as his acts may have been, his argument is worthy of consideration.

Breivik is making a defence on the grounds of necessity. He points to the demographic transition of Norway through immigration and high muslim fertility, and that it will bring about the destruction of the Norwegians as a people. He asks why the Norwegian establishment opposed such events in Tibet, but consider it illegitimate to do so in their own case. He adds that movements in Norway that oppose this course of events are suppressed by the Norwegian government.

He also makes some on-target remarks about sex and society:

When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases and the sexual revolution, it’s actually something that is underreported, and has created major problems in Europe. [This is a subtle and astute observation. Sex, reproduction, and the family together constitute the taproot of race and genetics.–Trans.] The ideal being upheld is to have sex with as many strangers as possible. Instead of focusing on the nuclear family, the focus is on dissolving it, and all the problems which that entails.

For example, the Sex and the City ideal, where Samantha and Carrie through 100–200 episodes of the series have sex with hundreds of men. These are the ideals that are upheld today. This is a disease. It’s like sugar to the audience. These sick ideals should be censored and shielded from our community.

So people neglect their duty to family and nation. They get education, travel, and are 35 before they start having children. Women should begin having children in their 20s. Our birth rate is below replacement level.

The whole piece is definitely worth reading.


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A Hero of Our Time
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2 Responses to Anders Breivik

  1. says:

    In time there will be monuments to Breivik erected all over Norway and Europe. Maybe even in the US.

    The man is a hero.

    Bring on the Wars of Liberation!!

  2. Zorro says:

    Geert Wilders is a hero.

    Anders Breivik is a fucking psycho who should be put down like a rabid animal. And no amount of sense or reason in his closing statement can possibly excuse his appalling actions. If I put out the eyes of a hundred orphans, I could sing Beethoven’s Ninth, recite the Magna Carta and the poetry of ee cumings. None of that would excuse my behavior.

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