Obama on title 9

In Newsweek Obama celebrates pushing lots of men out of college sports. While title 9 has been terribly destructive for non-revenue sports, I can’t get too excited about it. Men will benefit themselves more by focusing on their careers and character than by playing games. Individual athletic training does not require intercollegiate sports.

But Obama has a bigger, nastier program:

Title IX isn’t just about sports. From addressing inequality in math and science education to preventing sexual assault on campus to fairly funding athletic programs, Title IX ensures equality for our young people in every aspect of their education. It’s a springboard for success: it’s thanks in part to legislation like Title IX that more women graduate from college prepared to work in a much broader range of fields, including engineering and technology. I’ve said that women will shape the destiny of this country, and I mean it. The more confident, empowered women who enter our boardrooms and courtrooms, legislatures, and hospitals, the stronger we become as a country.

In other words, the fewer men in positions of power we have, the better off we’ll be. How’s that been working out for us over the last 40 years? It’s not like we really needed the married family to raise children or anything.


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